The unique, friendly & scientifically-developed “mosquito killer” that keeps your family safe

Protect Your Whole Family

Mosquitoes are carriers of diseases like zika, dengue and malaria, which can be deadly for the elderly, babies, young children and pregnant women.

Mozi is here to help you protect yourself and your family, by efficiently clearing your household rooms of these common insect pests.

Silent “Stealth Mode” Operation for All-Night Protection

Say goodbye to nighttime mosquito bites and hello to more restful sleep. Mozi’s powerful, silent-running cyclone vacuum protects you and your children all night long without disturbing sleep.

Small in Size, Big In Power

We are well-equipped to handle the volume you require for your business or government, and will accommodate your procurement process.

Protecting over 10,000 American homes

“Bought one for our bedroom. The Mozi is small, lightweight and works really well. You just turn it on and let it get to work!"
Kathleen Barber
“Great product. Took 5 days to arrive. There no chemicals or smoke which is great as I didn't want to use smoke coils or mosquito spray around my 5 year old"
Jason Dizon
"We have 25 Mozi units throughout our retail store. They're a much better alternative to the standard mosquito killers. I would recommend this product to anyone!"
Alice Clark

The Only Safe Option For All The Family