Frequently Asked Questions
A single Mozi unit can effectively clear around 51-100m2. This is around the size of the average living room in America.
Of course! Mozi is proud to be used in over 100,000 American homes. We’re even more proud of the fact that over two-thirds of our customers return to order at least 1 additional Mozi unit.
Mozi will work in all lighting conditions, however it is most effective in darker rooms as this is when the ultraviolet light is most attractive to insects. It is for this reason we recommend leaving your Mozi unit running throughout the night.
Yes, Mozi is highly effective at capturing “no see-ums” as well as other small flies such as gnats, midges, mosquitos & fruit flies.

Yes, Mozi is humane and does not “zap” or poison the insects.

Although tiny, mosquitos are the single largest killer of human beings, spreading deadly diseases like zika, malaria & dengue fever. 

Yes, absolutely! Many of our customers use Mozi inside commercial retail spaces, cafes & restaurants. Mozi is an excellent way of improving your customer experience by eliminating the frustration caused by mosquitos.